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IMAP Backup Software: The Essential Features

Backup Emails and Mailboxes From Webmail Accounts

IMAP Backup software is unique in that it can identify any IMAP Server's emails and mailboxes. IMAP account backup works on the most popular email servers, including IMAP domains like Gmail, G Suite & Office 365. and 50+ other IMAP Servers. IMAP email backup tool can backup email attachments, email folders, message bodies, email labels, and message headers from IMAP mailboxes.

Note: You will need a valid email address, password, and IMAP server to use the IMAP backup tool. You can check your email domain here. Click Here

Backup IMAP emails to PST, EML & MOX

The IMAP Backup Tool can capture emails from all IMAP accounts and uses advanced algorithms to convert emails into the desired file formats.

  • PST is an It's a proprietary email file format for MS Outlook. It can be imported into MS Outlook after you have archived emails. Either create a single PST per folder or a single PST that covers all folders within an email account.
  • EML – This single file is used to send email messages. It's supported by major email clients such as Thunderbird, eM Client, and Apple Mail.
  • MBOX Once you have backed up your emails from IMAP Mailboxes, you can use them in email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others. Each folder is created with one MBOX file.

Backup IMAP Emails to another IMAP Server

Shoviv's IMAP backup tool can backup and mirror data from one IMAP server to another. This software allows you to transfer mailboxes and emails from any server quickly. IMAP server backup utility retains the hierarchy of each folder and data originality, in line with the original. This makes it an ideal Mail backup tool for IT managers. It can be used to move/save data from any server safely.

Filter your IMAP Backup

The IMAP account backup tool also allows you to filter data. To create specific backups, you can specify the filters you want to use.

  • Search and Filter by Date
  • Search and Filter by Recipient/Senders Address (To, From), Cc, Bcc
  • Filter specific folders
  • Filter by Subject/Message Content
  • Filter by Attachment (Has/Does not have Attachments) etc.

Preview Emails Before IMAP Server Backup

IMAP email backup software can back up emails from any IMAP Servers and allows users to see a detailed preview and view of the Email Account, including its email content, folders, attachments, and many other details, before creating a secure IMAP backup. These previews are available:

  • View Content
  • View the Message Header
  • Hex View
  • Raw Message View

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Selective Extraction and IMAP Backup

Users may not need a complete backup but just specific details. In such situations, performing a detailed extraction of IMAP Backup is essential. The IMAP Backup Tool can be used to create a selective backup using the following options:

  • Selectively backup email address from IMAP Email (using fields From, To and Cc, Subject, Body, Message Header)
  • Backup Email Addresses with Attachments
  • Backup Attachments
  • Backup Phone Numbers
  • Backup Associated Emails & Phone Numbers

Email Account Management via Dashboard

The IMAP email backup software provides an enhanced dashboard with many features. This allows you to manage multiple email accounts simultaneously. These options allow you to manage your IMAP account/server easily:

  • Create a New Account: You can create new accounts for different email domains using this option
  • Edit Account This option allows you to modify existing email account information
  • Removing Account: This allows you to delete an Account from the Software interface

Archive Emails Free

IMAP Backup Software demo allows you to save 50 items per folder. This feature allows you to evaluate and ensure that the software works at your level. You can backup all mailboxes using Online IMAP Domain Upgrade to the Licensed Edition.

Compatible with a Wide Variety of IMAP Servers

The IMAP account backup software supports many IMAP Servers that most users commonly use, such as,,,,,,,,, & many more.

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